Every church must have a purpose. Something that beats in it’s heart and keeps it focused. A true north that leads them through how to make decisions and plan for the future.  At Discover Life Church, we filter every idea, through this one purpose. “We exist to help people discover real life in Christ and fulfill their God-given purpose.”

Whether that’s through our Life-Giving Church Services, our Small Groups, our Growth Track or personally through the many people on our Dream Teams – people are finding life and discovering there purpose.

ARC Church - Discover Life Church - Suwanee


“…discover real life in Christ…”

At the end of the day, everything we do is about JESUS. He is the beginning and end of who we are as a life-giving church. Because, there is a life in Jesus that makes life worth living. There is a life in Jesus that satisfies us and brings fulfillment and peace like nothing else can. The first part of our purpose is to create environments where people can come and find the life God so desperately wants us to have. Jesus said He “…came to bring life, and life to the full.” We exist to help people discover that life found in Jesus.


“…fulfill their God-given purpose…”

The second part of our purpose is to see every fulfill their God given purpose. At DLC, no one is a mistake. No one is worthless. We believe every person has a purpose. A God-given purpose that only you can fulfill. We believe that every person was created to make a difference in the world around them. No matter who walks through the door, no matter your background or past, at DLC, we believe your best days are ahead and our passion is help you discover that purpose and fulfill what God has called you to do. If you want to know more about finding and fulfilling your purpose, join us for our Growth Track.


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